Mars 103,1 FM (KSRF Santa Monica/KOCM Newport Beach) is an older cousin to Groove 103,1. Mars began as a station on 21 May 1991 and lasted about a year and a half. The station played new wave artists like Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys, dance such as Rosalla, and some early electronica/techno. Mars 103,1 was an unique station...some information about the station is given below to remind us of its short but memorable experience.

DJ Lineup from Mars 103,1 FM (taken from Mike Ivankay's post)


0500-0900 Rachel Donahue
0900-1200 Swedish Egil
1200-1500 Holly Adams
1500-1800 Freddy Snakeskin
1800-2200 Rob Francis
2200-0200 Don Bolles
0200-0500 Mike Fright (Mon nights/Tue morn.)

Christian B. (other nights)


0600-1200 Remy Martin
1200-1500 Mars Top 30 with Swedish Egil
1500-2000 Christian B.
2000-0000 Saturday Night Mix Show with Tony Largo
0000-0500 All Night Truck Driver Show with Don Bolles


0500-0800 Mike Fright
0800-0830 Public Affiars with Jon Copps
0830-1300 Planet Reggae with Swedish Egil
1300-1700 Christian B.
1700-2100 Remy Martin
2100-0000 Planet Polyester with Tony Largo
0000-0500 Mike Fright


Sample Playlist from Mars 103,1 FM (taken from Mike's and Sal's post and my memory)

2 Unlimited- Get Ready For This/Twilite Zone

Bigod 20- The Bog

Channel X- Rave The Rhythm

Digital Boy- Give Me A Fat Beat

DJ Dick- Weekend

Draga Khan- Kick Back For The Rave Alarm

Dyewitness- Observing The Earth

Eon- Spice

Gary Numan- Cars

Hairspray- Pacemaker

Intellect- Throw Your Hands Up

LA Style- James Brown Is Dead

Latour- People Are Still Having Sex

The Movement- Jump

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- Sex On Wheelz

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

NJOI- Mind Flux

Nymphomaniac- I Wan't You Body

The Orb- Little Fluffy Clouds

Quadraphobia- Quadraphobia

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Give It Away

REM- Losing My Religion

Rosalla- Are You Ready To Fly

Rosalla- Everybody's Free

RTZ- Dance Your Ass Off

T99- Anastasia

Voodoo Child- Voodoo Child




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