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Dayparts Mon-Fri

Boomer 6 AM-10 AM
Christian B. 10 AM-3 PM
Mohamed Moretta 3 PM-7 PM
Alex Tostado 7 PM-12 MID
Special Ed 12 MID-6 AM


"Check out your favorite DJ's and see what they really look like. Use the email address to send a message to your favorite On Air personality at ."



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Joe "Boomer" Servantez

6 AM-10 AM

Boomer returns to 103.1 as our morning show hit man.  Boomer was recently at Power 106 and B100.  His incredible voice and zany antics will light up the mornings with news, traffic with Robin Banks, weather, and your favorite Groove music.

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       Speedy K.  

                     Tonyar~1.jpe (8237 bytes)                     Tony Armsted

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Nelson Aspen


Plus, listen for the morning groove mix with Speedy K. every morning at 7am.  Speedy has a new CD out, called "Speedy K.'s Way".  If you'd like to order it online,  or hear real audio samples,


The morning show also features Tony Armstead. Tony has worked his way up at Groove since joining us in 1996.  His first gig was answering the request lines for Boomer in the morning.  Now, he's his on-air side kick.  Listen for Tony on the weekends hosting his own program.

Also part of our morning team is the Groovy Gossip guy, Nelson Aspen.  You can see Nelson on channel 7's eyewitness news as their Party Patrolman. He began as a soap opera star on "Search for Tomorrow".      When he's not reporting gossip, Nelson is a certified fitness trainer.


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Christian B

10 AM-3 PM

The year was 1983, and Christian B. began his career at CBS radio in St. Louis. His father was the voice of NBC Television for many years, so Christians great pipes come from his father. He joined MARS-FM in 1993 and now Groove  in 1996 . He is a popular record producer and mixer. His cuts include Cause & Effect, React to Rhythm, The Supreme Love Gods, Judy Tenuta and many more.

Mohahed.jpeg (99096 bytes)

Mohamed Moretta

3 PM-7 PM

Mo started his radio career at 12 and went on to tremendous success at Power 96 in Miami for 11 years. He makes over 150 appearances a year from the top clubs to the Playboy mansion. He is fluent in four languages and is a sought after songwriter and producer. Check out his work with Diana Ross, Rupaul, Gloria Estefan and Dolly Parton. His web site can be visited at:

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7 PM-12 MID

Alex Tostado returns to 103.1 to hold down the night shift.  Alex is not only an accomplished broadcaster, but a film maker as well.  His movie "Alvarez & Cruz" was presented at the 1998 Slam Dunk  Film Festival.  Check out the films web site at         Listen to Alex on Groove and enjoy features like Groovers choice at 7pm, and Top 8 at 8pm.

Special ed.jpeg (124020 bytes)

Special Ed

12 MID - 6 AM

Ed Stoll is one of those "overnight" success stories that took ten years to evolve. He got started in radio because a program director at KVOH heard Ed talking in the hallway, and loved his voice. From there, Special Ed was at KDAR, KROQ, MARS-FM, and now Groove 103.1. Ed is a reggae fanatic and has produced many special shows including "Island Grooves" heard 9-11am Sundays on KACD/KBCD.





Live From Wings Niteclub

Hard House Live from the Arena

Hooligan House Hour with Tony B.

4-10 AM Rob Blair/Tony Armsted
10-2 PM Christian B.
2-6 PM Mohamed Moretta
6-9 PM Alex Tostado
9-11PM Live from Giggles Niteclub with Alex Tostado and Speedy K.
11-12 AM DJ Orlando in the Mix



Groove Groove


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